Servers - Placement on here?

Is there a place we can advertise our Sponge Servers? Just curious as The server i have has a fairly easy method of giving the mod pack out using a Server Sync.

I wish there were a “sponge servers” section or something but sadly I believe advertising servers is banned site wide. :frowning:

Why is this if I may ask?I mean How would people find a Sponge Server then?

No idea to be honest why Sponge doesn’t allow servers at all.

If anything they should at least have a directory…

If anything you could use one of the thousands of server lists for advertising your Minecraft server. Doesn’t matter if it’s a sponge server or not, players won’t care. They just want to find a server, nor will they be looking here for a server to join.

ah…:confused: ok then that’s kind of a bummer but I suppose you are right.

Please tell me how advertising on server lists for an EMPTY server is effective marketing?

In other words how are you supposed to promote a server that won’t get any votes to keep it up on the queue?

Unless I am missing something a server list in my opinion is only effective for already growing communities. Or if money isn’t a object to get a paid slot.

That’s for you to figure out, but I can gaurentee you won’t gain any new players from here.

That still does not reinforce what you said.

I am simply inquiring why did you said what you said.

k…WELL i’ve added mine to a couple servers…but I’m not sure now what to do lol.

I think the main point, is that to most players it doesn’t really matter to them what server side software you are using, all they care about is the rules, how it’s run, and what the gameplay is like, and whether they need to install mods.

The main 2 reasons why advertising is banned site-wide, is:

  1. SpongePowered have advertising deals to help keep the site alive / online.
  2. Specifically with a server list: it’s a lot of extra work to moderate, with potential to cause more drama inside the community, as well as people inviting people to the forums just to bump posts and recommend. We would rather keep the forums having a higher signal to noise ratio, in order to keep it a useful resource for server admins / plugin developers.

Thank you for the reason :smiley: now it’s understandable