Service Exchange Template + Guidelines

This category is for Requests and Offers of Paid Services related to Minecraft or Sponge. Transactions between users should be done in private, and not as replies to these threads. Any agreed deal is at your own risk; SpongePowered takes no responsibility for third-party transactions.

By posting in this category, you agree to the above disclaimer.

This section is for users to offer paid work, for development, web services, server staff, builders, or other jobs related to Sponge and/or Minecraft. There is also a sub-forum for plugin developers to seek paid development work. Under no circumstances should plugins be offered for sale.

It also helps a great deal if you provide some details of whatever-it-is that you are offering, or asking for.
A suggested template for this follows:

Give a brief description of yourself and your server.
Note: This section is not for finding players, please do not advertise the server here.

Work Needed
Give a base idea of what sort of work is required, and the complexity. This should include whether this is a long term role, or a one-off job.

Here you include how much you are willing to pay for this work.

Here you can list your personal terms and conditions.
You must include what happens plugins afterwards. This includes the rights of the developer, and whether the plugin is to be closed source or open source. If closed source, this should include whether the developer can list this as a portfolio item.

Here you should list how people are to contact you outside of the Sponge forums. Detailed negotiations are not permitted; please keep the transaction private.


Clarification: can they take place in private messages on the Forum?

Also, thanks for this new category, there’s been a LOT of devs wanted requests recently…

Our only requirement is that negotiations take place privately.


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