Session timeouts?

I’m getting users complaining about some kind of session error message. Apparently it’s telling them that they need to quit and restart Minecraft. I haven’t gotten anyone to send the message to me, but I’ve had 3 people report it so far out of 6 and it has happened to each of them 2-3 times today alone.

Anyone familiar with what this is and if there’s a way to ease the session timeout setting(s)?

It’s probably Mojang’s Invalid session - It’s absolutely nothing to do with the server. It basically means that Mojang thinks you’re trying to log into your account twice. If you’re using a modpack launcher, it sometimes happens when you load the launcher again after you’ve already loaded a game, other times just randomly. If it happens to any of your players, tell them to close all instances of Minecraft, and any launchers they may have open and reload it, that will generally always fix it (Unless someone really is also using their account).

It’s very rare I get it too, but I’ve often had players have the issue a lot, nothing we can personally do about it for them.

~ Alice

Thanks, that helps explain the issue. I’ll keep my eyes open and get details on here one way or the other once I see it with my own eyes.