setInvisible - LivingEntity (suggestions)

Sorry if I am wrong but I don’t know where we make suggestions.
I have two suggestions:

  • We can just set a living entity invisible, it would be great if we could hide all entity likes projectiles, items on ground…
  • It would be great also if we can choose that when we hide a player we can remove or keep the player in tablist.
    I made these suggestions because some people and also me encountred these problems with bukkit api.
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Suggestions for improvements on Sponge don’t really belong on forums; developers typically won’t check here for discussion. Instead, you should make an issue (or a pull request if you can write the code yourself) on the project on GitHub. You’ll be able to discuss all the why’s and how’s with developers there.

If a moderator can delete this topic it would be great.
Thanks !