setRotation() Bug?


I’m currently working on an essential plugin. While I was working on the warp system, I found a bug:

I created an WarpPoint Object:

If I call the warpPlayer method, the player will get teleported, but the rotation isn’t changing in spite of that getX(), getY() and getZ() of the Vector3d return the right values.

Does anyone know how this can happen?

I haven’t looked over your code, yet. But it’s entirely possible that that isn’t implemented.

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Same problem here, AFAIK it isn’t implemented yet.

Haha, I wasted so much time on this :smiley:
But thanks, then everything seems right.

.setRotation does absolutley nothing :smiley:

setRotation works for me… I was calling player.setLocation() then player.setRotation() and that didn’t work. If I flipped them around however, then bingo.


Hm, ill try that.

That’s working! So actually it seems like there’s a bug.