Setting up a server

I have a quick question. At Sponge’s current state in development, is it possible that I could set up a fully working server?
My idea of a full-working server is:
Permissions / Admin ranks, mods, etc.
Grief Prevention
Essentials-Type commands

I am thinking of possibly switching my personal server over to Sponge.

Thanks for reading.

You can have all of those, just look at the plugins in the Plugin Releases and WIP Plugins categories here in the forums

You can do all of the above except Grief-Prevention, as I don’t think there is a working release of one for Sponge yet (although at least two are planned). Also, it depends on how much “Essentials-Type Commands” you want.

Take a stroll over to the Plugin Releases section and go wild.
Bear in mind that Sponge is still in flux, so things might break now and then. There is still a lot of stuff to be done before it reaches “full release” status.

PlotSquared has a Dev Release

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