Setting up SpongeForge in IntelliJ

Hi, so I initially tried to set up SpongeForge for eclipse but I ran into a heap of issues that I just couldn’t find a way around so I decided to try and use IntelliJ instead. I downloaded the Minecraft Development Plugin that allows you to pick Sponge and Forge but for some reason it doesn’t allow you to pick SpongeForge. I was just wondering if I would be able to still make SpongeForge plugins like this without actually having SpongeForge but instead having both Sponge and Forge separately.

So SpongeForge to a plugin is a SpongeCommon implementation with Forge classes too, therefore if a plugin wants to use a Forge thing, it just talks directly to Forge.

So yes, not being able to select SpongeForge in the minecraft plugin development … Plugin is correct as developers should choose the following thee to have the plugin interact with SpongeForge.

SpongeAPI (what all Sponge plugins talk to)
SpongeCommon (the vanilla implementation of SpongeCommon - this is required to get the mappings … Casts to vanilla minecraft)
Forge (to get all interactions of Forge including its mappings to/from Vanilla)

The only thing I can think that will go wrong is if you want to build via gradle/maven as im not sure it comes with the build tools for that, but i maybe wrong, maybe included with SpongeCommon

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These are all the libraries that I have, so now do I just have to install the sponge-api library?

Its been a while since ive used sponge with gradle, its likely that “testingf-sponge” is sponge API

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