Setup an official wiki now! (Now in progress)

The forum is full of “Summary Posts” and explanations, and there are many different Google Docs.
It’s so hard to follow it, and a lot of stuff is outdated or just wrong.

That’s why we need a community wiki, where everyone can contribute.

I would prefer a simple wiki software (not MediaWiki), but also not as limited as github wiki.

Later when the API is final and the mod is working, we can add tutorials (setting up a server, making first plugin, …),
and maybe a “Sponge Project History” page.


It could be as simple as just creating a “Wiki” category. I don’t know of any Wiki software that is as feature rich as MediaWiki… and to be honest Wiki software is a PITA in general… I’d say a category is more viable.

Setup an official wiki now!

Seams a little demanding :wink:

But only if it is possible to make a post editable for all members of the forum.

There is a wiki feature in Discourse: wiki topic by velesin · Pull Request #2303 · discourse/discourse · GitHub
But I don’t know if a “latest topics” view is good for a wiki. Something like a table of contents is missing.

The forum is full of these Summary posts. When I open the “NEW” tab, there are always 3 or 4 of them. It’s like spam :frowning:

Why not mediawiki?


MediaWiki is clunky and hurts, but I have yet to find a better alternative.


Well at least we arnt using xen carta


Then people are just going to link to the Wiki in their summary posts XD

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I’ve been trying to get someone to set up a wiki since day one. No one listens to me, QQ. Anyway, this is absolutely necessary. Just can’t get the right people to actually decide on something and do the work.

I’d prefer to use MediaWiki. It has the most features, even if it can be a bit clunky. Using a Discourse category… that idea made my brain hurt. How unmanageable would that be?


seems* is the correct way to spell

I just quickly set up a wiki using Wikia. I will be more than happy to transfer it to one of the owners of the project if they want. There is currently nothing on the wiki, but I think it could work out extremely well. Let me know what you think.

I’ve worked with both MediaWiki (I’ve actually contributed to several Wikipedias on occasion) and Wikia (who hasn’t anyway) and if I had to choose between them I’d choose MediaWiki because, despite being more complicated to use, it’s more powerful, it’d be in Sponge servers (I always choose for local things as I have more control over them than if they weren’t local) and Wikia has ads. I hate ads :slight_smile:

This is my opinion anyway and I realise it could be simpler and easier to begin with Wikia, though I’m not aware of a utility which would transfer it to MediaWiki later if we wanted to, so I guess whatever we choose know, it’s chosen.

You forgot a period after your sentence. You appeared to forget how to grammar entirely. But I’ll let you go this time, because you were having an insecure epeen contest.


Yes, a Wiki sounds like it would be massively helpful!

Wikia is just a reskinned ad-ridden hosted version of MediaWiki. You can always bulk-export everything through the export page of your wiki, which can then be imported to your own MediaWiki instance. I’ve done this before for a Wiki I hosted for another game.


The only reason why I don’t like MediaWiki is because it’s so hard to navigate and find the content.

It’s important to have a well-designed wiki homepage with a table of contents, as well as hubs for server admins and developers.

The sidebar of a mediawiki for example would be great to access those hubs, but it’s usually filled with crap like “Random Page”.

A well setup version of media wiki would be nice to Sponge. Also, when setting it up, make it multilingual.

An example for a good wiki is I think the software is not free, but maybe there is a free alternative. It just displays the content, and navigation is easy

Issue exists already:

How about dokuwiki?

You mean you need someone to do the work, or just need someone to make the decision? Let me know if you need help setting it up.