Severe console flood

my servers console is constantly getting flooded, the log file rn is at about 1G. this is the message that is spammed


not too familiar with nucleaus, i know cyclic mod is in there. Just need to know who to contact, is it an issue with the mod or nucleus?

Update Nucleus. I fixed that some time ago

were on 1.12.2,
with Nucleus-1.12.2-S7.1-MC1.12.2-plugin.jar

the newer versions have 1.13.x

can i still use those on 1.12.2?

The version of nucleus is on 1.13 however its for sponge api 7.1 therefore its designed for sponge api 7.1, all 7.1 builds are designed for MC 1.12.

Its very rare that a plugin would state the MC version it works for on sponge, instead stating what Sponge API version it is on