Severe TPS drops sometimes with no players

Hello I am the author Mech & Magic on the ATLauncher. We are recently seeing some horrendous TPS drops. We see these randomly with sometimes even only 2 players on. I am trying to figure out if this is sponge or if this is a mod gone wonky in my pack. I am hearing similar complaints from other server owners running my pack alongside sponge.

We are running sponge spongeforge-1.10.2-2221-5.1.0-BETA-2117

here are my latest timings

Below are some info and pics we’ve gathered or have been sent to me.

At times Tile Entities can be as high as 53k with very few players on.
And at times we can have 15+ people on and TPS will be between 18-20.

I am by no means a pro with sponge timings or a couple of the other profiling tools available.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

This may be just an issue with the mod pack. How many TPS and what Warmroast report to get you when running your server without Sponge?

Does this occur with build 2113? 2117+ had some big changes. If it does not occur in 2113, zip your world/mods and provide a link so I can test on my end. The smaller the mods/world the easier it will be to test so if you can reproduce the issue in a test setup, that would help.

Ill drop back down to 2113 right now and open the server back up for load.

Still having this issue. Most recent timings:

Am I correct in thinking the lag is partly the Advanced Item Collectors shown? Is that count the number of that item in the world(would seem high) or is it how many times its being called on a tick or something similar?

EDIT: Just updated to latest build(2264) and we are now seeing this in console and even more lag: