Share your playlist!


Alot of us here love music, and with this being a new community and all, I feel we can get to know each other better by sharing our playlists!

Just link to it! (Spotify, Rdio, iTunes Screenie(s), etc)!

I’ll start:

Clarity Radio

on Pandora

I listen to this whenever I’m coding. I really like rock music, but when I’m coding, it just makes me depressed and lose interest.

I like to switch between the American Authors Radio and the Twenty One Pilots Radio on pandora

Personally I ping pong between everything so I can’t pick out a playlist or just a few songs. I like songs with a catchy tune though

I listen to a mix of indie, indie rock, and alternative. I’ve never been much of a fan of rap, R&B, country, or pop.

I made some “mixtapes” (CDs with custom covers) for my friends. The custom covers can be seen Here.

*stabs @Trev *

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plz no stab xDD

I wasn’t thinking of them as the same thing, we need more music threads!

Here’s my SoundCloud.

It contains a bunch of Electro/Trance/House/Dance, Dubstep and HardStyle (over 17 and a half hours of it) playlists.

I am listening to lots of di.FM stations recently; Electro, Trance and the “Cosmic Downtempo” for when I just woke up but still need to be in a coding mood :slight_smile:

Oh and if not those stations; I am a fan of soundtrack music - I have about a week of music just from films and games :wink:

Hope you don’t mind I don’t feel like rebuilding one of my favorite playlists on a website. Here are some of my favorite songs from the list.

Malmo by STRFKR

Trying To Be Cool by Phoenix

Shuggie by Foxygen

Wildcat by Ratatat
Instrumentals like these bridge sections of the playlist.

@daelwolf Those mixtape covers are great!

Edit: Typo

I search the soundcloud for new music every weekend, and I listen to it, whenever I’m coding, gaming or doing something else, that you can do while listening to music:

My playlist on spotify i apologize for the amount of local songs in there. People may notice a large variance in the music genres in it.

Currently listning to Coldplay and Thekillers :

Or sometime to this :

Hva fun if you are listning

I would but Google Play Music doesn’t have that feature yet unfortunately. But as of right now, I’m listening to “Drive By” by Train.

EDIT: I don’t know how to embed videos but here’s a link to the song on YouTube: Train - Drive By (Official Music Video) - YouTube

EDIT: Figured it out, the link just has to be on its own line:

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Hopefully some people will enjoy my big 900+ song playlist of post-hardcore/metalcore/pop-punk/etc bands!

I have a fairly eclectic taste in music, but right now I’m either listening BBC Radio 3, or Test Match Special when the cricket’s on :slight_smile:

I listen to Chillstep, Thousand Foot Krutch, Two Steps From Hell, and some other genres on Pandora. ( I love having them on shuffle )

When I’m coding, almost exclusively contemporary classical . Otherwise mostly indie folk, and blues rock.