🛡 Spongy Protection Stones 🛡

Hey! I saw a lot of people requesting this, and exactly one year i was looking for this, i made one custom and cheap but now i wan’t to release a full version

Currently this project its in very early version, there is only some basic stuff and i don’t have the time to make it a big plugin, then please if you are a developer interested on this consider helping a bit with the project :wink:

This plugin is a very basic port of precious stones, you can search it on spigot, you can place protection stones


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:writing_hand: GitHub repo
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:mag_right: Commands:

  • Use /ps to see all commands (They will be documented later)

:rainbow: How to use it:

  • Take a look at the config folder config/spongyps you will see stones.conf, limits.conf and others…
  • stones.conf contains the info of all protection stones, the file have some documentation
  • limits.conf contains the permissions info about the groups, you can create new groups and then use the permission sps.limit.mygroup, you can define how much stones of each type that group has, what is the priority of the group to add multiple groups to players
  • Now ingame you can use /ps limits to see how much protections you can place
  • Then just take the block type of one protection and place it sneaking, it will say you that the protection was created and then it will visualize the bounds

:man_with_gua_pi_mao: Permissions:

  • Flags: ps.flag.{flag-name}
  • Commands: ps.command.{command-name}
  • Build flag bypass: ``ps.bypass.build`

can support api 5.2.0 - 1.10.2 ?

I tested it now and seems to work good

Updated the download for a minor fix

I don’t understand what this project is actually used for, would you be able to include a description?

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Edited the thread:

“This plugin is a very basic port of precious stones, you can search it on spigot, you can place protection stones”

I’m so thrilled you made this bro. Should I worry about all the java errors?

What java errors?

Can you please upload it to pastebin, its very hard to read it from a github wiki?

THAT’s what I was thinking of, my bad

Np, those problems are caused because the plugin cannot connect to DB, make sure that the database configuration is correct

That’s embarrassing - many thanks. I’m so happy that someone is keeping my precious plugin alive on sponge! :smile:

No problem, you are welcome! :wink:

Does your plugin hook into a protection plugin (like claimblocks) or do you use your own cuboid system ?

Hello, I put the PS on my server 1.10.2, at first the plugin loaded without problems, but I am not sure how to do the configuration of the database, could you help me how to make the configuration?
I know I have to put the settings in the config file, but I’m not able to make it work even though configuring.

Sorry for delay, i use my own cuboid system

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i cant use it


Are you placing the protection stone shifting?

coal ore and iron ore is protection stone

Yes, but they will not protect if you don’t press shift while placing the block