Shields and Banners

I’m trying to give a player a shield with black base color.
for some reason, it gives him a regular shield, but if I’m trying with banners it works as intended.
Banner code:
ItemStack banner = builder.itemType(ItemTypes.BANNER).build();
banner.offer(Keys.BANNER_BASE_COLOR, DyeColors.BLACK);

Works perfectly…
but if I switch the type to shield, the second line has no effect.
Any idea on how to implement that?

Are you sure that the key for the shield is BANNER_BASE_COLOR and not something like SHIELD_BASE_COLOR?
I’m not much inot Sponge atm but that’d be my guess.

AFAIK shields don’t support a ‘base color’, try modifying Keys.BANNER_PATTERNS directly.

Sponge doesn’t support the shields atm (opened a issue on github and they answered me).
I’ll solve this problem by writing an existing ItemStack to a file via command and load it on startup (until the support for the shields will be added)