Shop with gui

i know their are a couple shop plugins out for sponge but the only gui one for sponge requires a database that my server host doesn’t support. i was hoping to see if someone can code a plugin that can use mysql or no database is for 1.10.2 and can run spongeforge and can use modded items.

Tip: Any plugin which doesn’t support SpongeForge or modded items is doing something extremely wacky. It does not need to be a request requirement since it is always an implicit requirement.
Meanwhile, you could always set up another server host to support the DB (although I guess that’d be extra money).

Is the GUI necessary? I personally use CarrotShop which 100% supports all modded items (I have 3 different modded servers, have yet to find an item it doesn’t work with). It’s basically a remake of SignShops from Bukkit, but the dev has added a bunch of cool new features. Also doesn’t require a special database.