Should Humanoid have levels?

In my opinion, Humanoids should have experience datas. They should be able to collect and use their experience

Use case?

15 characters… Y u do dis?

[quote=Sponge Docs]```java
public interface ExperienceHolderData
extends DataManipulator<ExperienceHolderData,ImmutableExperienceHolderData>

Represents the "gained" experience information. Usually experience can be used to enchant weapons and items. Usually applicable to Humanoids.[/quote]
Just because there isn't a direct method to get it, doesn't mean that you can't get it through the generic get() method.

Adding on to what @pie_flavor said, there are many keys that deal with this.

(If you don’t know, you use this with the data api).

MutableBoundedValue<Integer>	CONTAINED_EXPERIENCE
ImmutableBoundedValue<Integer>	EXPERIENCE_FROM_START_OF_LEVEL
MutableBoundedValue<Integer>	EXPERIENCE_LEVEL
MutableBoundedValue<Integer>	EXPERIENCE_SINCE_LEVEL
MutableBoundedValue<Integer>	HELD_EXPERIENCE 
MutableBoundedValue<Integer>	TOTAL_EXPERIENCE 

No, I have no idea what each of these does specifically, so have fun testing :stuck_out_tongue:

So how do Humanoids handle the pickup of experience?

I suppose that’s internal, like picking up items.

There’s also an event.

Don’t be afraid to check out the API! It’s very helpful.