Should I Wait To Begin Modding?

I’ve been creating Bukkit plugins for quite a while now, but I would really like to start getting into client-side modding. However, since Sponge will support client side modding (from my understanding), would it be a good idea to wait until Sponge is released and used it, or will Forge mods be really easy to port to (or even compatible with) Sponge?

from what i’ve heard, sponge is gonna be a coremod to forge, meaning you’ll be able to access the api from within your project. you can start ahead right now, since forge has a full api and documentation for you to work with. once sponge is done, it’ll likely be compatible with your work.

As @Xemiru said sponge is a coremod for forge so forge mods will work with it.
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Thanks for the info guys! So will Forge mods just work with Sponge, or will I have to do anything to make them compatible?

they just work. your mod is separate from sponge, and can be made to work with sponge if put together easily so long as there’re no incompatibilities similar to those of normal mods (e.g. things like item ids or discrepancies, etc.), which you shouldn’t have to worry about since sponge isn’t gonna be adding anything like that.