Should redbull be allowed in esports?

Steroids and other supplements enhance the ability of a football player. I’ve noticed from personal experience that redbull has the same effect in gaming. Should it be allowed, or sponsored?

[Not in school so this isnt a thesis, just a curious question]

I’d count it as cheating (heightened senses, so advantageous over non-users)

I wouldn’t consider it cheating, lol. Should we ban drinking bottled water during events, because it keeps you hydrated?


*flips table *

I’d consider everything illegal which is banned by different anti-doping organisations. afaik caffeine isn’t, but steriods are.

I don’t think so, It’s just caffeine isn’t it?

Really? I tend to agree with @FerusGrim are we gonna ban food next? Candy bars can provide quite a sugar rush, they should be banned. Oh! Lets ban pasta, those carbs provide such an unfair advantage. I think we should also prevent players from taking any prescription medication. I mean cmon, that heart medication has got to be helping them out.

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