Shouldn't we be able to lock our own topics?


I second this.

I third this.

It only makes sense, after all, it appears from what I have seen that the higher ups can post post-lock (see what I did there) and can presumably unlock a thread as well. Though, I can’t imagine it being necessary to unlock a thread… But who knows, someone will prove me wrong now.

Sometimes its not allowed because when people get upset about a topic they may lock their own threads to stop discussion


There’s no need for it. I cannot recall any forum that lets you close your own topic. If a topic should be locked, it’s up for the moderators to decide.

I guess you can always request a lock.

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Closing a thread yourself can have its reasons.

I agree, but you don’t need it.

I like the idea, but as @disconsented said it’s a very touchy thing to add, maybe if we did get this, only give it to older members past the member or regular rank? That way it would be less likely for a thread to be closed due to people disagreeing.


Denying it would save the forums from ragequitting members, even older members with higher ranks could do this.

I would leave it as it is. If someone wants/needs his thread locked (for whatever reason), then a mod should do this. Most forums im on do it this way and it works like a charm :smile:


I think we should be able to lock our own threads. At least the regular rank should be able to. We are already trusted to rename and categorize any thread. I don’t see any reason to not allow experienced and active members to lock their own threads. This could be useful for when a discussion has gone completely off topic or you simply don’t want people to reply to it. There is a very low chance of an active member rage quitting and locking the thread.

I think this should at least be tried, it would probably not be used all that often and if there were cases of abuse among Regulars the permission could be revoked and we never have to visit this again. This is a good way to lighten the load on the moderators some.