Simple Warnings Plugin

Alright, so I am here because I am in need of a warning plugin. I am not sure if this was requested before, but here I go.

I am looking for a plugin that can do the following.

  • Follow a /warn [player] [reason] format, with possible other options.
  • Warning points system that will allow a certain event to trigger on maximum warnings.
  • (Optional) Ability to just add points with a /addpoint [player] [amount] for easy warning of multiple offenses.
  • Ability to warn offline players. I know this may be hard, but every other warning plugin I saw when I was on bukkit, lead me astray and didn’t warn offline users. Only one plugin I used back then did the job… This plugin can be found Here.
  • Ability to purge or remove warnings from users in case a warning was fought against, we can erase it fast.
  • (Optional) Lastly, an easy to read file. I like customization, but I hate the JSON format… I miss my old YML to be honest, but JSON is here. So try making it easy to configure please.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from all you lovely people.

Nucleus has a great warning system. If you don’t want anything but the warnings you can actually disable everything but the warnings module. If there’s anything in the warnings you’d like that isn’t there you can request it on the forum page or on github.

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This works amazingly! Thank you so so much @RysingDragon!

The main format used in sponge community is HOCON not JSON :stuck_out_tongue:

Similar but different

Thank you for correcting me.