Simple Whitelist - Simplify whitelist, only use usernames, can modify reject prompt


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Simple Whitelist

A whitelist use the player’s username or permission, can customize the reject prompt when player is not in the whitelist.

Commands and permissions

Command Permission Description
/swl simplewhitelist.command Main command of SimpleWhitelist, showing plug-in version number
/swl add <name> simplewhitelist.command.add Add <name> to the whitelist
/swl remove <name> simplewhitelist.command.remove Remove <name> from the whitelist
/swl list simplewhitelist.command.list List player names in the whitelist
/swl reload simplewhitelist.commmand.reload Reload plug-in configuration file
##### simplewhitelist.bypass Players with this permission can enter the server directly

Configuration File

//Message displayed when a player is denied, %name% will be replaced with player's name
message="%name%, get access first."
//The names of the whitelisted players, separated by ","


Would also love to see a permission integration for whitelist like there is by default (minecraft.login.bypass-whitelist). I’m using this for the custom message but would like the ease of adding a permission to my admin group for whitelisting. Thanks! :slight_smile:


A new version has been released for Simple Whitelist, it is available for download here.

Simplify whitelist, allow you to modify reject prompt

  • Use commands to remove players from the whitelist.
  • Players with permission of “simplewhitelist.bypass” can enter the server.


The new version of the plug-in could meet your needs. You can update it.