SkulkerChests - Make your chest behave like skulker boxes


Alters chest behavior to conform with skulker box behavior.


  • Chests will keep inventory when broken.

Planned Features

  • Preview inventory contents.
  • Open chest’s when right clicked in primary hand.
  • Give other inventory holding blocks similar treatment?

Other Stuff


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Isn’t it Shulker?

Is spelled Shulker in game lol.
nice Idea Ill try it out on my server.

Review: Very simple idea and it works as described.
One thing I found that could be an issue with these is
The ability to essentially create an endlessly large
single storage chest simply by putting chests within
other chests.

Edit: Managed to break things with this, got disconnected with:
Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Tried to read NBT tag that was too big; tried to allocate: 2097165bytes where max allowed: 2097152

Yea. I can work on a check in the next version. It’s just not easy to do. It involves reading the raw data view. (Data related to itemstack inventories are un implented API level.

Any plans API 5/6 release :p?

It already works for API 5 and 6. Its API 7 I need to get off of my butt and make a release for.

Great idea ! As a suggestion, you could add an optionnal tool to break a chest with/without dropping items.

o.o then I am doing something wrong
This is the error I get when breaking a chest with items inside [org.waterpicker.skulkerchests.Skulkerchests:getLore:111]: Derp10.10 18:26:16 -

Appears I updated my code to api 7 but it was before the cause refractor. I have actual rewirking to do. Mind posting your issue on github so I can keep track of

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Mind posting this as a suggestion on my plugins github?

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Here you are :wink: