Sky Factory Server Crashes

I’m really new to being a server admin and I can’t figure out what I need to to do fix my error. The server is running forge-1.12.2- and the sponge version is spongeforge-1.12.2-2838-7.2.2. Here is what showed up in console right before it crashed: Here is the latest log: How would I update Mixin? I also updated the foam fix config so it works with sponge but that’s the only change made to the default Skyfactory modpack, everything else is the same. Sorry in advance if it’s a really easy fix, I tried to figure out how to update mixin but I couldn’t understand/find how to do so.

The fix is stated in the crashreport for this.

1. 18.06 11:11:47 [Server] main/FATAL [Sponge]: /* Rename your Sponge jar file so that the filename starts with "__aaa". This       */
2. 18.06 11:11:47 [Server] main/FATAL [Sponge]: /* will cause Sponge and its bundled Mixin version to load first.
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Thank you, that worked!

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