Skyfactory 4 Worldgen (Nether / End) Not generating


Ok this is kind of hard to explain so I will do my best.

On a normal server ( server w/o Sponge) when a player goes to the nether or end it spawns somewhat normal world gen with lava and fortresses etc in nether and endstone islands and chorus fruit trees etc in the end.

I added sponge and now when a player goes to the end or nether it’s a void world where there is no generation going on. Any help figuring out how to get the mod’s normal gen on those world would be amazing!


Any errors in the console log?

Also what mods/plugins do you have on your server?

No error messages on the server config related to map’s besides the usual achievement errors… But as far as mods you can see the modpack here Sky Factory 4

Mods List: Mods (200): Minecraft, Minecraft Coder Pack, Forge Mod Loader, Minecraft Forge, SpongeAPI, Sponge, AE2 Stuff, Advancement Book, Animal Crops, Apotheosis, AppleSkin, Applied Energistics 2, Aroma1997Core, AromaBackup, AromaBackuprecovery, Astral Sorcery, B.A.S.E, BD Lib, BNBGamingLib, Barrels, Drums, Storage & More, Baubles, Bed Patch, BetterChunkLoader Forge Lib, BiblioCraft, BnBGamingCore, Bonsai Trees, Bookshelf, Building Gadgets, Calm Down Zombie Guy, Carry On, Ceramics, Chargers, ChineseWorkshop, Chisel, Chisels & Bits, Click Machine, Clumps, CoFH Core, CoFH World, CodeChicken Lib, ComPatchedStorage, CommonCapabilities, Compact Machines 3, CompactStorage, Construct’s Armory, ContentTweaker, Cooking for Blockheads, CraftTweaker JEI Support, CraftTweaker2, Cucumber Library, Culinary Construct, Cyclic, Cyclops Core, Dark Utilities, Deep Mob Learning, Dimension Stages, DragonMurder, Elevator Mod, Ender Crop, Ender Utilities, EnderCore, EnderStorage, Extended Crafting, Extra Cells 2, Farming for Blockheads, FastFurnace, FastWorkbench, Fence Overhaul, FindMe, Flux Networks, FoamFix, FoamFixCore, Forge Microblocks, Forge Multipart CBE, Forgiving Void, Game Stages, Guide-API, Headcrumbs, Horse Power, Hunting Dimension, HydroGel, InControl, Industrial Foregoing, Inspirations, Integrated Dynamics, Integrated Tunnels, IntegratedDynamics-Compat, IntegratedTunnels-Compat, Iron Jetpacks, Item Stages, JourneyMap, Just Enough Items, KleeSlabs, Limitless Structure Blocks, MCMultiPart, MTLib, MalisisCore, MalisisDoors, Mantle, MatterOverdrive: Legacy Edition, McJtyLib, Mekanism, Mekanism: Generators, Mercurius, Minecraft Multipart Plugin, Mob Stages, Mod Tweaker, ModPack Basic Tools, ModPack Utilities, More Buckets, More Cauldrons, Morpheus, Mystcraft, Mystical Agradditions, Mystical Agriculture, NuclearCraft, OG Dragon+, OpenComputers, OpenComputers (Core), OpenComputers Xnet Driver, OreExcavation, Parabox, Patchouli, Pickle Tweaks, PigUtils, Pipe Master 2000, Placebo, PlaneFix, PortalGun, Practical Logistics 2, Prestige, Primitive Crafting, ProjectE, RFToolsPower, Ranged Pumps, Real Filing Cabinet, RecipeStages, Redstone Flux, Resource Hogs, Rustic, Shadowfacts’ Forgelin, Simple Generators, Simple Inventory sorting, Simple Storage Network, Sky Grid, SkyBonsais, Slab Machines, SlimyBoyos, Smooth Font Core, Snad, SonarCore, SpongeForge, Squeezer Patch, Statues mod, Stuff A Sock In It, Super Sound Muffler: Revived, Surge, SwingThroughGrass, Sync, TallGates, TelePastries, Tesla Core Lib, Tesla Core Lib Registries, The Lost Cities, The Twilight Forest, The Weirding Gadget, Thermal Dynamics, Thermal Foundation, Thermal Innovation, Tinkers Tool Leveling, Tinkers’ Complement, Tinkers’ Construct, Tiny Progressions, TogetherForever, Tombstone, Topography, TorchMaster, Translocators, Tree Growing Simulator 2016, Triumph, Twitchcrumbs, Universal Modifiers, Valkyrie Lib, ViesCraft, Waddles, Waila, Waila Stages, Wall-Jump!, What Are We Looking At, Wither Crumbs, World Utils, XL Food Mod, XNet, YNot, Yoyos, ZenStages, bouncy_creepers, mob_grinding_utils, sky_orchards, uppers

as far as plugins go …

Minecraft, Minecraft Coder Pack, SpongeAPI, Sponge, BetterChunkLoader, Brotkasten, CatClearLag, EconomyLite, EpicBanItem, GriefDefender, Holograms, HuskyCrates, HuskyUI, LuckPerms, MBDiscordLink, MMCReboot, MagiBridge, MultiChat, NuVotifier, Nucleus, Prism, Rankup, SeriousVote, SkyClaims, Slash Discord

As far as skyclaims goes theres the world part of my cfg file…

World {
# Height to build islands at (1-255). Default: 72
# A flat world preset code to use when regenerating a region. Only the block ID list is used.
# See Superflat – Official Minecraft Wiki for more details.
# If enabled, SkyClaims will regen the target region before an island is created.
# Name of the world to manage islands in. Default: world
# The height & width of regions to reserve for spawn (min 1). Default: 1
# Use to override the world used when sending players to spawn.
# A list of world names to generate as void. Default: world, DIM-1, DIM1

End and Nether have been removed from the void world list…