could someone please make a plugin for skyfactory 3 as loads off people wants to join my server

Well, define ‘a plugin for skyfactory 3’. What features do you want it to have? What do you want it to do, when? Commands? Permissions? FLARD receptors?

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There are lots of plugins that would be useful on a Skyfactory 3 server, including an essentials, permissions, protection, and island management plugin. Here’s some suggestions based on what I have seen people running similar servers use.

Essentials: Nucleus by dualspiral

Permissions: LuckPerms by Luck

Island Management/Protection: SkyClaims by Mohron which relies on GriefPrevention by blood.

i’m looking for a plugin ware players can clime a island and can build on there own island or they can invite there friend to join there island and build together with the basic commands