SlotMachines - Configurable Slot Machines for Sponge!

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SlotMachines is a configurable slot machine system for Sponge.


  • A fully configurable reel system.
  • Configurable reward output.
  • Configurable machine tiers.


Creating a Slot Machine

The following image shows a simple SlotMachine setup.

Slot Machine Image

The base block, in this case iron, refers to the tier of the slot machine. The top left sign must be blank, and the top right sign must contain the price to use the machine on the first line.

Once this structure has been created, pressing the button will setup the machine. Further presses of the button will run it.

Players need the permission slots.create to create the machines.

Admin Machine

To create an admin Slot Machine, put ‘ADMIN’ on the second line of the left sign. These machines have unlimited money.

Players need the permission slots.create.admin to create these machines.


Slot Machines keep saying they’re out of money? How do I fill them up?

Slot machines use the balance of the person who created it. They must have atleast enough money for the maximum payout of the machine.


Nice work on the plugin! Nice work on the data side of things too if I do say so myself :wink:

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You have messages.conf but not all strings may be translated. But the text on the labels to be translated.

You don’t need to ping people on their own thread, they’ll see the message.

It is not only ping. Personal appeal :slight_smile: Habit.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I’ll fix that.

economy money or item based currency to spin the reel? (would be nice to have the ability to create our own type of currency with nbt support (for rename of item/lore) casino type currency separate from economy balance. also having the ability to create admin slot machines would be great. (slot machines that never run out of money)

@me4502 when you plan to begin to correct the errors? I wrote on github.

@anon34495435 - I didn’t get a notification, I’ll have a look now.

A new version has been released for SlotMachines, it is available for download here.

SlotMachines for Sponge

  • This version updates for data changes in API release 6.
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Does this have an admin version or is it only player based?

At the moment there isn’t an admin version, however, I can consider adding one if it’s something you’d use.

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thatd be awesome to be honest. would also be cool if it could support an item based currency reward to make something like a casino token shop or something.

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I’d definitely like to see that too. Awesome idea.

The problem with an item-based currency, as then the items would need to be assigned a value inside the plugin. The current economy API doesn’t support having that standardised, so if another plugin had similar the server owners would have to ensure they’re in sync otherwise there would basically be item duping.

We would definitely have a use for admin machines, we’d like to build a casino in our city as a money sink, the old bukkit one had that with the ability to set the tax rate on the winning amounts, it had the item based currency as well which maybe why people are asking for that, I think our old one was set to gold nuggets that we’d have to buy and different machines would cost different amounts of gold nuggets. We don’t really care to much about the other forms of currency, just the admin machines, and if it’s not already implemented, a way for them to be configured for tax rates and different costs.

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Any news on a possible admin version?

I second the idea for an admin version. As soon as I saw this plugin I thought it would be great to setup a Casino on our FTB Beyond server like we have on our standard server, but even as an admin, i use my in game economy just like the rest of our players in our player shops so having the casino use my personal balance is not doable for me.

I’ve added an admin version, however I haven’t pushed the release yet as I can’t test it right now. If you want to compile it straight from the github it’s on there.

Is the setup the same with the admin version as with the standard version? We’re going to put it on our test server and see if we can get it to work, atm it’s throwing some console errors, but will let you know what’s up with it.