Small Suggestions


A few small suggestions:
Replace /sponge with /s: This is something so simple to do and maybe can replace /s altogether with just straight forward commands like /plugins
Better /help: The help commands can be separated by plugins showing commands for just the one plugin you type in after /help (plugin) or /help to show commands in groups. You could even add commands for minecraft categorized. Like for scoreboard or summon.


/s is not specific to Sponge and does not make that obvious. It is the base for all Sponge operations. Listing plugins is a Sponge operation and is a part of the base Sponge command.


you can just create an alias to get /s to behave like /sponge.


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@Tzk Thanks for telling me about the alises. I have been wondering about what they do.
@AniSkywalker I understand that. I am just very used to Bukkit by now. I will take awhile to adjust when I change my server to Sponge.
Thanks I want to know what you all think about the better /help?


This is not Bukkit. This will never be Bukkit. I see how some of Bukkit's features could be useful, but that's like saying "I'm used to Notepad++, so let's incorporate that into Word."


"look this is SublimeText/vim/Atom/whatever, but i'm used to notepad, can you make it behave like notepad?"



To be honest, I totally agree with this one... Sponge's help command just spits out a huge mass of information...


Finally someone sees my point of view! You are so right.