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in download no have v.2.0.0


Is there anyway to set a skin when in offline mode?


I bump this suggestion :slight_smile:
What about possibility to attack ? Not by moving but maybe with a bow and configurable targets/groups.


V2.0.0 contains /npc list, in which you can click on an NPC to select it. It also contains a button in its menu to teleport to it.
I will consider adding some flags like -at, but it is not a high priority at this moment.


Sadly, all old NPC’s will be removed.


I often use my console to manage the server and it can be useful to select an npc with its id. But that’s not a high priority, just a suggestion.

And do you have some news for npc shooting with a bow ?


About the bows, it is not possible right now using only sponge. I do want to make this, walking and other things, but to do this i have to use NMS. I know how to, i just really dont want to.

I plan on working on this (among other things) next.


can you please make it where npcs can’t be pushed around?

I would also like to point out a huge bug that has broken my npc in 2.0.0
I added a 30 tick delay clicked on the npc then deleted the delay from the list as it seemed to long
upon doing so the npc is now unresponsive; I’m unable to add new commands; interact with it or delete it and start over.
ontop of this…

13.05 17:37:03 [Server] Server thread/ERROR [NPCs]: Failed to delete npc data file for npc 1: /./config/npcs/storage/npc_1.conf

I’d also like to request that within the conditions 2 things be added:

  1. Economy
  2. Custom Permission

after testing delay again it didn’t work in general so im thinking its just broken

another bug:


Ill get working on this problems right now.


appreciate it. and the npcs being able to be pushed around is a huge problem, and setting barriers around them just to fix it and above them is also an issue because when the server restarts it will teleport the npc above the barriers making them unreachable.


Please fix this:


My message events appeared blank when talking to the NPC, why’s that? Am I doing something wrong?

"NPC Name: "


When I restart my server, all NPC`s are not visible. Someone an idea?. I see them in the consolke but not in the world.

EDIT: Oh I founded the problem. I had to use the command /sponge plugins reload to make the NPC`s visible.


I just have two question. Is it have Chinese Language? Is it can use to 1.10.2 ?:grin:


English language, and does work in 1.10.2… (API 5 = 1.10.2, API 6 = 1.11.2, API7 = 1.12)


Oh.Thanks,I download API7 for 1.10.2.:joy:.
And, Could I translate it ?
(This damn jet lag,We have jet lag for nearly 5 hours)

Oh,Why can’t I download the Placeholder ?

The download link:


Click continue.


kill me… What’s the meaning


Oh,I am silly.I will go to the http://mcbbs.net frist.If there isn’t have the plugin.Please you to send to me.(I live in China now,so please you send a link can use in China)


Let our’s Sponge be stonger
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The forums appears a lot of Sponge plugins,especially the @酷车手BB弹 Contribute more.
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