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Try this:

It’s from the github, if you’re looking for another version you can find them here (version I linked is for 1.10.2, which is the one you were looking for earlier): https://github.com/Daniel12321/NPCs/releases


Thanks for your help.:slight_smile:


On SpongeForge 1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2308 and NPC 2.0.0-API5 how can you make it properly show skins on bungee servers? When I set it to a skin it just stays Steve. (Online mode)


What is the entity-spawn command for this while using Griefprevention? it would be something like /cf entity-spawn __ true


I want to do localization work, but I can’t find the language file. I am a Chinese



  • I see NPCs use a player name to display skins. Are there any plans to locate skins either in a directory in configs or via url by chance? I would love you if that was possible…

  • I saw mention of using another mod’s npcs in your plugin such as Pixelmon. Is this still in development?


I just released a new version (v2.0.2). This version is aimed at fixing and improving all currently existing mechanics. After that, i will start adding more. I am still planning to add a system to add entities from other mods (such as Pixelmon) and i am also working in skin improvements. However loading skins from image files is rather difficult, and this might take a while to finish.


Is there a way to prevent people from pushing NPCs around?


Do you plan on adding support for nbt tags in the conditions option? having a quest give an item required for the next quest to start would be great. Also facing and issue where if i create an npc and remove it then make another it thinks the npc i removed is still there. Doesnt show up in config file, but /npc list thinks all the npcs that were created exist, and they have overlapping ids.


Iam I the only one having the issue of npc’s skin disappearing and reappearing randomly?


Having a bigger issue of the npc just dissappearing on restarts and not figure out how to make them appear again, not come across the skin issue yet.


Can you make an issue about it on github, and add the minecraft version, sponge version and plugin version?


Hey Daniel, did you abandon AdventureMMO?


Without the possibility of creating a store with the economy, these NPCs remind me more furniture.
I apologize for my english, I used google translator.


Could you think about an option to make NPCs immovable? All of my players are able to push the NPCs around, so I have to elevate them at spawn, and it looks ridiculous.


I would like to see the shop function as dtltraders plugin. Or tell me how best to implement this option. With the mods, if there is a shop on the signs, then you will have to put too many signs and they will occupy a huge space. Economy plugin I already have.
I apologize for my english, I used google translator.


The NPCs seems to disappear after a server restart


Please check my issue. Thanks !


for some reason the game crashes when creating a steve.