So, I did a full system scan

Why not MalwareBytes people?

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I don’t think a lot of people trust Malwarebytes

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Avira, AVG and Bitdefender are fine. Avira lags when the system is started and it tries to update though…
And that’s the reason i started using AVG. Never liked Avast tbh.

where did you get that code? i’d love to try bitdefender too.
And poor chocho train, seeing it laying there makes me sad :frowning:

Google’d and found a 9 month code myself:

I generally steer away from free AV versions since they lack important features (real-time scanning in some, browser protection in others, or are limited to viruses alone) and may display ads, or install bloatware alongside.

A good friend in the IT sector swears by ESET Nod32. They have a pretty good track record for virus research (in line with firms such as Kaspersky, etc)

There is nothing wrong with Malware Bytes (I personally use premium alongside Nod32), but its free version is the go-to tool for removing malware after your computer is already infected.

Eset is comprehensive, and light on resources. It does not include a firewall (windows firewall works fine (a little TOO fine if many an hour of port debugging can be attested, but i digress), and your router most likely already has a firewall on top of that) or other unimportant bloat like parental controls.

Finally, if you simply cannot or will not shell out for paid antivirus, AVG has a decent track record and its free version is less annoying than some I’ve had the displeasure of supporting, such as Avira and Avast.

Edit: How could I have forgotten the venerable ClamAV. It’s for *nix based systems, and is included in OS X specifically for removing Windows’ viruses. As expected there is a Windows version, which is free as well.


That’s because your good friend in the IT sector knows what he’s talking about.


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I don’t use a special antivirus, just Windows Defender, mainly because I know what I’m doing in my pc. Besides, if I installed one now and scanned the computer, it wouldn’t find anything (I’ve made the experiment on several occasions).

The only reason why I use Windows Defender is the fact that Windows comes with it. I wouldn’t use any otherwise.

Defender is a perfectly capable AV.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone distrust malwarebytes. Where are you getting your info?


Every single time I see MalwareBytes, it isnt actually malwarebytes, just a virus.

Also, yeah. WindowsDefender is pretty awesome.

I havent had a virus either, as far as Im adware…

I crack myself up!!

But really… Once your on a computer for a long time you get a feel for what is fake and whats not fake. How to go from webpage without clicking an advertiement on accident and what do to if you do (rm -rf /). Plus, ive changed my operating system on my laptop like 3 times the path month, I get bored of one and move on to the other lol. (Debian/Ubuntu/Windows)


In fact all I use is MalwareBytes Professional Premium which is definitely worth the price especially back when you could get a lifetime license. I would also agree ESET Nod32 is a decent suit. I recommend staying away from Norton, McAfee, Avast, AVG.

I personally quit using antivirus suits years ago but I do work in the IT field. Most likely not the best advice for the average user. There’s a lot to be said for little bit of discretion utilizing the Internet. In addition, I found Sandboxie to be an invaluable tool not just of my area of work but also transverseing high-risk elements of the web.

High risk includes Facebook or any social media as more infections are coming from legitimate sites. Last but not least Unchecky is a neat little program to uncheck or decline automatically unwanted software during install of software. Enjoy!


Both of those suggested programs (Sandboxie/Unchecky) look pretty awesome. Thanks. :smile:


I HATE all these virus cleaners too… If anything I’d install Bitdefender from the App Store (which is awesome because you know Apple actaully goes through and varifies each app on there) run it once in awhile jus to make sure nothing is going on.

Ohh, those two programs + Avira = No more virus worries. Thanks for showing those off (yeah, i do download a lot of “unneeded” junk). Gone are the days when i had to vm everything before really installing it

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If you feel the need to test something in a VM first to make sure it’s not a virus, you probably shouldn’t be running it at all.


I did that with all the things, i remember doing that with firefox @ some point.

Best scanner = common sense


For free antivirus, AVG or Avast are fine. Just make sure to turn off the voice notifications.

Antimalware, Malwarebytes can’t be beat. Simple, and trusted everywhere.

If you want a great, low-power antivirus with all the bells and whistles, Webroot is my #1 recommendation. It catches things most others will miss, and is smart enough not to hog resources when you’re busy.

8 months later…

Also the good thing about using Windows Defender is that it makes Microsoft somewhat responsible for the security of their own operating system, so they have a somewhat vested interest and early warning of any problems that might be occurring or need fixing.