So I fixed some previous issues, still problems

Where am I going wrong.

Recent Fixes:

Removed multiple copies of sponge in server files
Updated to latest sponge

the latest sponge requires forge 1890, you seem to be using forge 1722

You have MovingWorld, which is known to cause issues with SpongeForge
Could you try launching SpongeBootstap and see if it works?

Also, according to the log file you have two sponge versions

16.05 20:23:28 [Server] main/INFO [FML]: Loading tweaker org.spongepowered.asm.launch.MixinTweaker from spongeforge-1.8.9-1722-3.1.0-BETA-1136.jar
16.05 20:23:28 [Server] main/INFO [FML]: Loading tweaker org.spongepowered.asm.launch.MixinTweaker from spongeforge-1.8.9-1890-4.1.0-BETA-1329.jar

I found another version sneaking about in my files >.> Relaunching now

Well, I did some re launching and cleaning of server files. And it seems im only 1 error away from fixing this mess.


Made the server a Custom Jar Server
Input the precise name for the forge version I wish to use

Hypothesis on issue:

Perhaps Im installing my preferred Forge the wrong way and leaving ambient files of previous versions. Looking into it now as I type.

spongeforge-1.8.9-1763-3.1.0-BETA-1181.jar This is an old version of spongeforge from March.

Try the latest, 1.8.9-1890-4.1.0-BETA-1329
You will also need to update Forge to

Also, try dropping SpongeBootstap into the root folder and running that instead of the forge jar

Seems Im a bit disorganized xD Uploaded wrong file by accident. Testing with appropriate fix made.

Downloading bootstrapper now as well

The latest log. With bootstrapper installed.

You removed Moving World, which Archimedes Ships requires and is the reason why you are using the bootstrapper

I have Moving World though.
Sitting right there with my mod files

Hmm possibly an issue with my bootstrapper.
For now, rename SpongeForge jar to _spongeforge... and movingworld to zmovingworld...
Basically put spongeforge above movingworld alphabetically

OK SpongeBootstrap should be fixed now BTW

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