[Soaked Up #1] Newsletter Info/FAQ | Current Events

Welcome to Soaked Up, Sponge’s first Newsletter.

This is more of a pilot/test post. Feel free to give any feedback.

Today’s Topics:

  • Newsletter Information/FAQ
  • Current Events
  • This Week’s Question
  • Concluding Thoughts

:warning: Newsletter Information/FAQ :warning:

What is a newsletter?
A bulletin issued periodically to the members of a society, business, or organization.

How do I subscribe?
[Look in the FAQ section of this thread to find out how to subscribe.][1]
[1]: [Soaked Up] HEADQUARTERS

When will each post be released?
Every Saturday at approximately 3PM EST.

Can I join the Newsletter Team?
Currently not taking in new members.

Why did you start this?
I felt like it could bring more information about the community, rather than just the Official Status Updates.

:european_post_office: Current Events :european_post_office:

Progress is ramping up! Hopefully the beautiful Sponge Team will be able to release by February or March (Not endorsed by the Development Team).

Here’s a graph of the API:

And one of the Implementation:

I’d choose slow and well thought-out, over fast and crappy any-day :smiley:

:question: This Week’s Question :question:

What’s your favorite sport?
Reply down below!

:ballot_box_with_check: Concluding Thoughts :ballot_box_with_check:

Hopefully this will get a good response from you guys, the community :slight_smile: .
I do plan on, in the future, interviewing members on the forums. I or a team member will pm you asking for an interview.

If you enjoyed this Newsletter, please show your appreciation and ‘Love’ it :heart:.
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First reader here :stuck_out_tongue:
Favorite sport: Football
Looking forward to read the first complete newsletter

We do not endorse this time frame, otherwise, nice post

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Scrubscribe meh!

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Pls subscribe meh. Pls plz pls plz.

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Added for next issue.

There’s nothing there at all.

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Submarine me. Also, running. Thats it.


Wat? You can get Scrubscriptions? me2 pls.

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Subscribe me please :wink:

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Cycling :). Subscribe me please.

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My favourite sport: Fencing! :smiley:

Added for next issue.

Subscribe me pls :smile:

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-asks for subscription all spooky-like-

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Added for next issue.


I’d also like to subscribe :slight_smile:

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Added for next issue. :slight_smile:

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