[Soaked Up #10: Ask Us Edition] An interview with modwizcode, and more!

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  • An Interview with modwizcode
  • UPCOMING Soaked Up Website
  • Journalist Applications
  • Quote of the Week
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An Interview with modwizcode

modwizcode is now a fully-fledged Soaked Up Journalist. So of course, we had to interview him!

What’s the story behind your username?
I actually have no idea! I used to use starfishblubblub (which I created for steam years ago) and I decided I wanted to make a tech support company, me or possibly my dad invented Modwiz which is my website (http://modwiz.com) and I eventually made that into a longer form for sites that needed more than 6 characters for a username. That’s what I think is the story anyway.

What part of Sponge do you work on?
I bounce around, I jumped on to work on implementation but I’ve only had time to work on API stuff as of recently, my (only) non-API change I found by going back many many commits of sponge. It was back in December or November iirc.

Where were you before SpongePowered?
Prior to Sponge I was working on ObsidianBox a project run by our very own Zidane, the point of ObsidianBox is to send plugins from server to client (with signature verification). Originally we were working on something called Magma which was the API (Sponge API) but when Sponge became a thing I noticed, applied and asked Zidane if he had heard of it. Which led to his reply of, Actually, I run that project, so I was like, oh great, I get to keep the same boss (If you like your boss, you can keep your boss).

How/Why did you start programming?
I like computers, quite a lot, especially laptops. My first computer was a laptop and my first application used was a DOS text editor and that’s about all I can remember. I did learn C++ first from a book “C++ without fear” which has a significantly improved second edition out, I would highly recommend that book.

Do you have any tips for beginner coders?
Following my previous statement, I would recommend reading that book or one very similar. They take a good middle ground between let the book show you how, now you type and this is a reference manual. Additionally I would recommend C++ as a beginner language. It will teach pointer mechanics which are critical, give a better start for looking at C code which is quite well used. Additionally learn Java by looking at good code, like the Sponge API and Sponge (although Sponge does have some magic). The point is to learn the basics and move on, not learn one tutorial then another, no matter how much I want every tutorial someone suggests to me to be relevant to someone with as much knowledge as I do. That could’ve been stated nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you tell us more about your experience with robotics?
It’s an FRC Robotics team, the team number is 2451 and the team name is Pwnage. This is the team website, http://www.pwnagerobotics.com, These are our accomplishments http://www.thebluealliance.com/team/2451. We won the Arkansas regional as the second seeded (ranked) team being picked by the first seeded team. This Friday and Saturday is the Midwest regional in Chicago (my ever hopeful target of Minecon). We expect to do very well, my component is computer vision and it’s awesome I’ll upload it sometime for people to try.

Are you a cult member of the Secret Society of Sponginess?
The answer to that is in a classified section of the FLARD.

Welcome to the team @modwizcode!

UPCOMING Soaked Up Website

I feel like this is long overdue. The Soaked Up HQ just doesn’t work as well as a website does, so in the next few weeks we will be getting together a website to centralize data. That’s where each new post after the website is done will be posted. All editions already posted on the forums will stay the way they are.

If you are interested in helping, contact me (@DotDash).

:pencil2: Journalist Applications :pencil2:

###Applications are still being accepted!

What is the role of a journalist?
A journalist’s role is to contribute topics to the Soaked Up newsletter. Note: Full credit will be given. There is also no schedule, so feel free to contribute when you have the time to!

Onto the application!

Forum Username:
IRC Nickname:
Why we should accept you:

Also please join #soakedup on IRC, so we can centralize chat. You should get a response within 2 days.

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Fixed some issues with images being overly large.

Question: Why is a pie?

Because pie = good.

Good article, as usual. I would recommend that you take a look at @gabizou’s new United Data API Proposal for the next article. It’s quite nice, and will likely change the entire mindset behind interacting with data applied to objects.


Most pies are rather questionable.

Are you a cult member of the Secret Society of Sponginess?
The answer to that is in a classified section of the FLARD.

What is the cult of the secret society of sponginess? How do I join it? Have you heard about our lord and savior spongie?

One does not simply join the Secret Society of Sponginess. Have you read, understand, and agree to the terms set by the FLARD?

By great Tesla, do you know what you ask here? The best minds we could afford to build have been working on trying to understand FLARD, to no avail. The psychometric gravitationalist has recommended not meeting any of it’s demands: The Yggrdasyl Ethics committee* agrees - we do not negotiate with FLARD.

*[An extremely elaborate rubber stamp]

Otherwise, very professional looking. Good job, Soaked Up team.

For a question, how is this: How much demand is there for Spongie plushies?


My son (and I) need one. Or two.

Hmmm… I’d definitely want one…


Or two thousand.

I was attempting to be realistic.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I would actually buy a couple. @Inscrutable Probably a few shirts, too, if those were on the table.


I want an original Spongie Plushie.


I want a sponge t-shirt that says, “Nothing better than using sponge!”


I want an original sponge plushie signed by the entire sponge team.