[Soaked Up #13] Interview with Inscrutable, and a TL;DR of SoS III

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  • An Interview with Inscrutable
  • State of Sponge III
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An Interview with Inscrutable

What is your typical day as SpongeDocs Lead?
I work full-time, so in the hour or so I get to do this each day… put out fires on forum, read and debate stuff on IRC, browse new issues and PRs on Git, and add FLARD to everything.

Where were you before Sponge?
I started on MCF, then on to the Bukkit community, moved to Spout after a major disagreement with Bukkit staff, and followed the devs when they ended up here at Sponge. I just started picking up the pieces, trying to find something useful to do.

How’d you come up with your username?
The IGN Inscrutable was chosen really early, mid 2010. Suitably eponymous, it warns that you probably have no idea what I’m thinking. I used to share the account with MsInscrutable, and helped set up and run a large public server (Chill, closed June 2011).

What experience do you have with programming?
I bought one of the first commercial home computers, a Vic-20. I had to teach myself BASIC, PDP-11, and a heap of other stuff. When I went to Uni they taught me Modula-2, and figured out unix on my own. Haven’t gone any further, depite being surrounded by C++ C# and Java coders…

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?
The one thing that inspires me the most is the music of the late Edgar Froese (founder and stalwart of Tangerine Dream). Lots of weird and wonderful music, mostly without voice, keeps my mind active.

What is your best description of FLARD?
FLARD is as much a consumer product as it is an existential construct, like pu, the uncarved block. It can be whatever you need it to be… or not to be. FLARD represents the culmination of accidental discovery and the apex of Mad Science, a black box from which the unpredictability of the natural universe seeps like the dreams of great Cthulhu.

Thanks for the talk @Inscrutable !

State of Sponge III

Multi-World Generation is at a stable point now, and you can do some pretty interesting things with it (such as a nether-looking world in the Overworld, or vice-versa). For handling custom dimensions if a player is using vanilla (ones created by mods), if the dimension ID is positive: show the world as if it’s in the end. If the dimension ID is negative: show the world as if it’s in the nether. If it’s zero, show it as the Overworld.

The CommandAPI has changed a bit, so now you can create commands two different ways: through CommandCallable, or CommandSpec. The differences between the two is that CommandCallable gives you full access to how a command acts and what happens (the way it was in the past). CommandSpec allows for plugin developers to easily create commands, tell it what to do, and what to output, letting Sponge take care of the rest. CommandSpec also gives automatic tab completion.

The SpongeDocs team needs you, the plugin developers, to help fill in the empty spaces (literal and logical) in the docs! Due to the massive amount of PRs being pulled, they’ve gotten behind. If you know the API well, throw some PRs to the Docs GitHub repo on how to code parts of plugins! In the past it took a lengthy amount of time to contribute because of having to pull commits, rebuild, and run, but now there are development builds (NOT recommended for production servers)!

:speech_balloon: Quote of the Week :speech_balloon:

@mumfrey on IRC: git is basically like SVN, except that everything’s completely different and if you type the wrong command it invades russia

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:question: Question of the Week :question:

What plugins have you made/are you working on?
Post your response down below!

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Foundation, FoundationAPI, and FoundationFun.

This is probably my favorite Soaked Up! yet. Well written, and touches on points that are actually relevant. I hope to see more staff interviews, in the future. :smile:


getting closer and closer to a fully stable release~

as for the question, i’m currently writing a utility. not really a plugin, but it helps makes configuration of a plugin easier. .w.

$ git invade ussr

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Is that supposed to be a link? it’s unclickable for me.

odd. yeah, its supposed to be a link. leads to http://github.com/Xemiru/Permissions-Writer-Utility/

EDIT: got it to work