[Soaked Up #14] Interviewing kenzierocks, discussing Sponge progress, and more!

Today’s Topics:

  • An Interview with kenzierocks
  • Sponge Progress
  • Quote of the Week
  • Featured Topic of the Week
  • Question of the Week

An Interview with kenzierocks

How did you come up with your username?
i have no idea

Where in Sponge do you work the most on?
selectors in API/impl

What were you doing before Sponge?
programming and other random stuff

Do you have any tips for people wanting to work on Sponge?
be polite

How long have you been programming?
3 years or more

What is the answer to the universe?

Nice talking to you, @kenzierocks!

:rocket: Sponge Progress :rocket:

Sponge is progressing as expected, but many parts of the APIare still left unimplemented.
Things needing implementations:

  • DataAPI - gabizou
  • MapAPI - modwizcode
  • Human Entity
  • Explosion Events

Something interesting that should be looked into is a Fake Name/Skin API.

A new addition to the Sponge Support Team is @FerusGrim, otherwise known as “The Grim Moderator.” Congratulations Ferus!

:speech_balloon: Quote of the Week :speech_balloon:

:high_brightness: Featured Topic of the Week :high_brightness:

:question: Question of the Week :question:

Which part(s) do you want implemented in the DataAPI first?
See: https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeCommon/issues/7 , then post your response down below!

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Clearly the best interview.


Thats a… short and to the point interview, i guess.

Also, screamingData, because nothing better than a /screamer command to annoy your griefers.

VelocityData should be implemented soon because I would like to do something with arrows.

Personally, I wish to see GameModeData implemented. Mainly because it sounds like a fun thing to mess around with, for a rookie like me.