[Soaked Up #6] Translating Soaked Up, and more!

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:de: Translating Soaked Up :fr:

Hello Soakers! Today I’d like to let you all know, officially, that we are accepting translators.

If you’d like to join, just fill out this form:

Level of Fluency:
Amount of time you can give towards translating:

After you are done completing it, please Private Message it to @IronManDoesMC. We are currently setting up a way to make it very simple to add translations.

:speech_balloon: Quote of the Week :speech_balloon:

:question: This Week’s Question :question:

If you have owned/do own a server, what type of server is it?
Reply down below!

:exclamation: Last Week’s Question Results :exclamation:

Java - 13
Python - 9
C++ - 7
C# - 6
Bash - 6
PHP - 9
JavaScript - 9

We sure do have a wide range of coders :smiley: .

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I will answer the question with this (dead) topic:

I’ve had several servers. Some public, some private, and some whitelisted or hamachi :trollface:

Nearly all of them have died lol

I had a bunch of servers. Mostly private / hosted on my own machine. I’ve administrered several servers doing all the work, but they’ve all died iirc.

I’ve had some servers hosted on my pc to play with some friends. I have the files of them all (about 35 GiB). The last one is just a couple of months old, it was a FTB server. A funny thing was when I posted my server on Gametracker and got lots of players joining, but back then my PC wasn’t powerful enough and I ended up passing it to a friend, who tried changing everything and broke it forever. We stopped talking. Forever as well.


Well first a translator application (I’ve already message IronMan, but just to double check I’ll fill this out here)

Language(s): Japanese, Pirate
Level of Fluency:(On a scale of 1 to 10) 9, 12
Amount of time you can give towards translating: About 3 1/2 hours.

I own servers! All of them! But no seriously I have two 2U’s, and a 4U in my room. The two 2U’s run a custom version of the WoW server (that I reversed from packet flow, back when I was in networking), the 4U running a database/extra processing power when I need it.

I have many domains (and I add friends to my plan since it’s free to add as many domains as I want) at fatcow. I choose them due to having unlimited file storage, unlimited database size, and no bandwidth limits. (Plus it runs off of windpower so I can say I’m being green). But in all seriousness it’s a good place.

Next I own a server at Shockbyte hosting for testing out whatever I need to for Minecraft.

And last but not least I own 3 Amazon AWS’s. For testing random number generation specifically( one current optimized, one memory optimized, and one storage optimized).


I started my server private for my brother and my cosins, then went public. It started in the year mid-2012 with minecraft 1.2.5.

My server was just a normal random server, it was kind of well made for a Minecraft newbie. I got once griefed but I laughed at him because I had CoreProtect installed. After that I never got griefed.

The server was a survival factions server with minigames like spleef, survival games and mob arena. Later upgraded to a hub-style server with BungeeCord etc.

I was home-hosting, there was common connection lag from far countries. The server only lagged when reached 20-25+ players jumping around, playing and chatting, maybe even attempting to hack?
All players has same ranks, trusted had a rank, admins, master admin and mods.

The community was very small, does not need a forum.
People need to make their servers easy, like really easy to start so they wont have to deal with hunger, mobs, pvp etc. when they join the community, especially with the new difficulty system based on chunks which makes it harder day by in-game day.

It shut down about over a year ago because of hard to work on with tight scheduling and school, especially with a lot of things planned.
The server might and might not come back. Probably 30% or less chance that it is ever coming back.
If it would ever come back, most plugins I custom make for the server will be on GitHub (possibly Ore).

Yes, it would be running Sponge too if I am going to make it alive from the dead!
I had plans but then I stopped planning and forgot about it.

The new server plan is I would make the server fully custom and easy to play in and navigate with a small community. I hope the server wont load a lot, so wont advertise the server strongly, maybe advertise more of out of players, when full then I will stop advertising for a little while.

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I run an instance of spigot 1.8.1 for friends and family, on a server that also runs PLEX and Bacula.

Districts, Citizens, Dynmap, Essentials, MagicSpells, mcMMO, MythicDrops, PhatLoots, PrimeShop, and Vault

If you guys were wondering, I posted it early because I’m out of town for the weekend.

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Currently hosting a private dedicated Cauldron 1.7.10 server with a custom Forge modpack for several online friends. I like not having the headache of dealing with the wild west. :smile:

My current server is a Spigot 1.8 Towny based server. Before that I have hosted several servers for my friends, both various modpacks and vanilla/bukkit.

I own 2 servers one is a network, and one is a modded server. I run another server called ShankTank that’s a plain prison server that’s coming along good have a couple streams making players comon and donate lots of moolah.

I am an admin on a Finnish-language server that has been running since 2011. Our focus is mainly on survival and minigames, although we do occasionally host creative competition and fighting tourneys. The specialty of our server are the many adventure dungeons we’ve built for our daring players to try their hand at :smile:

I strained my arm reading the quote. Nice one @TBotV63, nice one.

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I was co-owner of 2 survival servers and owner of 1 survival server. All of them died xD
Not my fault tho :stuck_out_tongue:
I also own a bunch of private modded servers which a bunch of friends and I use for private play.