[Soaked Up] Discussion Post

Soaked Up needs to have a separate forum where people can discuss so that the subscribers don’t have to watch discussions when they only want updates. I’m moving a few posts over here to clean up the HQ thread.



So @FerusGrim becoming a part of the staff team isn’t notable news? :cry: :sob:

Alright I saw that, but didn’t want to reply on the main thread. So I’ll reply here.

@The_Doctors_Life ; the announcement of @FerusGrim becoming a part of the staff team was posted after the decision was made that there would be no newsletter.

I actually knew about his promotion beforehand (even sent him a congratulatory PM), but there just isn’t enough information flowing around for an entire post.

I like this idea. helps keeping soaked up nice and clean :slight_smile:

I have been working on a website (only here and there), but I’ve finished some other projects so I’ll see about getting it done sooner.

I’d suggest that you put soaked up on halt instead of shutting it down.
Maybe there will be a time when soaked up is needed again :smile:

Thank you and your team for your time and giving me lots of good laughs.
I had a great time reading soaked up :slight_smile: