Societies - Offical Thread




Societies is a revived version of the original SimpleClans and is targeted to support a wide range of minecraft servers.
At the moment Societies only supports Bukkit, but as new server implementations come up support will be added. (Sponge support is confirmed)

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”
—Hans Hofmann

Simplesocieties was borne out of the need for a self-sustaining drop-and-go system that could be easy to picked up by new players and required minimal attention from server staff. The system has been running over at the SacredLabyrinth where it has been enjoyed and refined by its community. I present it now for public consumption, enjoy.

Currently Societies is in beta state on and I just started the work to port it to sponge. It’s going to be pretty easy as I’ve planned some extra layers of abstraction to avoid bukkit dependencies.

The port only includes implementing my simple bridge and creating the actual plugin.

Actually there’s nothing more to say except, test the plugin in your bukkit envirnoment, and create an epic logo! :smiley:

Github: mc-societies
Bukkit: Let’s Revive SimpleClans
DevBukkit: Societies

Powered by Google Guice, Google CQEngine, Google Guava, Jackson, Typesafe Config, Jooq, Flyway and MySQL!

SimpleClans was awesome! Most servers hosted Factions, I used SimpleClans along with PreciousStones (two of the greatest plugins!). Would be great if they both could be ported over. PS was the most innovative protection plugin there was and loved using it.

If you do one, you have to do the other…

That is a lot of dependencies.

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Jup and half of them are already included in Sponge. Just Jooq, Flyway and cqengine, jackson are not included as far as I know. Both handle the storage of societies. In json files in a no-sql database and in a mysql database.