Solution for masked/hidden mods

I have a problem where people have been logging on with mods that are undetected in logs. I had an admin login with the pokeradar mod, and the number of mods the admin logged in was the same even though they now had pokeradar mod. It seems all the mod banners are outdated and not made for 1.12.2, but I haven’t done too much research on this. Is there another way I can detect hidden mods in the logs? All I would like is to find telltale signs that a user has a certain mod even if I have to do it manually. Spying on 50 players at once isn’t very realistic, so any input is great.

I just want to quote this:

So there’s no way to detect hacks like pokeradar if they are hiding it.


+1 to that. The only way you’d get this is through an anticheat algorithm, detecting how often players are beelining for the rare ones in an area. Anticheat is one of those things that takes a very long time to develop, because refining the algorithm to detect it better and refining the algorithm to generate false positives usually undo each others’ work. And the whole thing is really hard in the first place. The closest a free plugin is likely to get you is logging whenever a player has grabbed a rare pokemon.