[SOLVED]Advanced Rocketry Dimensions Not Unloading

I am currently setting up an AllTheMods 1.10.2 (v3.01) server with sponge but i am having some issues with dimensions from the mod Advanced Rocketry.

When i start the server with a new world folder, Advanced Rocketry prepares the spawn area for 50+ dimensions even though sponge has both generate-spawn-on-load and load-on-startup set to false.

The problem isnt necessarily that these dimensions are loading on spawn, its that they do not unload after the server launch has completed. This means that i have to manually run an unload command for each of these dimensions otherwise the tps drops to 0.

I am currently using the following Sponge and Forge versions

SpongeForge: 1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2525
Minecraft Forge:

A couple of weeks ago i was using an older version of Sponge (i think it was spongeforge-1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2433) and these dimensions were unloading correctly after startup, however when that version of sponge was preparing the spawn area for these dimensions it would take quite a while to prepare and would more often than not crash the server due to running out of RAM (even though the server had 8GB assigned). The latest version of sponge prepares these dimensions swiftly but does not unload them automatically.

I have 3 logs below, the fml-server-latest.log is rather difficult to read due to all of the debug information. The latest.log shows almost nothing at all but i have included a direct output of the console as it is the easiest to read.

In the logs i allow the server to startup (without a advRocketry folder inside the world folder) i then run “sponge tps”, followed by “sponge version” and then i stop the server. I have let the server sit there for close to 30 minutes and the dimensions do not unload by themselves.




Is there anything that can be done to either force these dimensions to NOT load on startup at all or at the very least, unload them after startup has completed?

Also just in case, i did test this without sponge installed and also with sponge installed but no plugins. Without sponge installed the Advanced Rocketry dimensions dont even get loaded on startup. With sponge installed and no plugins, the dimensions are loaded.

Have you checked the config settings (global, dimension, and world) for keep-spawn-loaded and generate-spawn-on-load global.conf — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation

generate-spawn-on-load, keep-spawn-loaded and load-on-startup are set to false in the global.conf, dimension.conf and world.conf


Not sure how i missed that on the issue tracker.

I am just going to remove Advanced Rocketry.