[Solved] Block Datas

Ok, This maybe the stupidest question I have ever asked, but im stuck.I know the Sponge API is not done, but somehow I doubt that out of the whole of Sponge API, Block data didn’t make the priority list.

My question is, In Sponge, how do we set the block data, aka, if i had some coloured wool, and I wanted to change it to another colour by the data id of the block a user inputted.

whilst we are talking about stuff im confused with, has/will (please state if its will or it has) the following been added to the Sponge API yet?

-change type of block by ID
-Launch entitys in select direction
-get block next to (bukkits version is below)
Block block; Block block2 = block.getRelativeBlock(BlockFace.NORTH);

thanks for reading and thanks for replying (if you did reply)

Refer to the Unified Data API by @gabizou. There it explains how to interface with Block Data.

Thanks, Its explained a lot