[SOLVED] Cannot load multiple plugins

Hello everyone,

I develop multiple plugins and I want to load them together. So, I created a folder with minecraft_server1.8.9 and the last spongevanilla jar.
I put my mods in the mods folder. When I launch the server, sponge say there is only one plugin detected (always the same). If I delete thie plugin successfully loaded and let the other plugin it is detected without error.
So, it is not a problem with my second plugin.

Someone already has something like that ?

I apologize for my English,
Thanks for all

Would you post your startup log as a pastebin?

What’s the ID of the two plugins (what you put after @Plugin)? If they are the same that could cause trouble.


With two plugins : http://pastebin.com/uxfQQPxv
With the second plugins : http://pastebin.com/7uVSP1TE

First Plugin :
id = “IkkaChievement”,
name = “IkkaChievement”,
version = “1.1”

Second Plugin :
id = “IkkaNomy”,
name = “IkkaNomy”,
version = “1.0”

" Skipping duplicate plugin class core.PluginCore from mods\ikkaNomy-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar"

Do they both have the same package

If both have their plugin class at com.example.blah.Plugin then only one will get loaded.

Thanks you !
The problem was here.

We cannot have two plugins with the same main class.

Note that the same goes with any class - always keep 2 separate plugins in 2 different packages. Any overlapping classes could cause major mismatches when loaded together.