[Solved] Change 'Not enough arguments' message?


Hey Sponge Forums, so I decided to get into Sponge today and I learned a bit and I’m getting it so far. However I was wondering if there was anyway I can change the default argument missing message that Sponge gives you if you have a command that requires multiple arguments. So I was wondering if there was anyway to alter the “Not enough arguments” and "Usage: /test " to something like: “You must enter an Integer!” or something along those lines. Basically change the missing argument message for my command…



Yeah there is. But its kind of a work around. There is a option in the command spec to revert back to a previous command with less arguments if the argument like is not full, from there add a command which just tells the user the message you wish.


I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean exactly? Can you point me to a method of some kind?


Take a look at childArgumentParseExceptionFallback function in