[Solved] Client Display RBG


I would like to know if it would be possible to temporary drain the color of a client’s display to gray scale and slowly restore the colors of the objects, using just the Sponge API.



SpongeAPI does not do anything (yet) client side. You can only do things that is supported by the vanilla client.

It is possible to communicate with a mod that’s installed clientside, but that comes with the downside of (generally) requiring a clientside mod.

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For an approach that can solve this outside of the API, you can attempt to send Out Of Band Weather packets to the client. However unless you understand the math involved it’s very trial and error, and can crash the client multiple times during testing, so it’s highly not recommended.

an example of what’s possible:

It’s in an older version though, so you would need to do more testing. Let me know if you need more hints or want to go down this path.

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It’s a shame they removed shaders in 1.9, that seems like exactly what you’re asking.

Thanks, but this path seems different than what I had in mind. I appreciate your input though :smile: !

Well I’m currently in 1.8.9. Would you be so kind to elaborate on what you mean?

If a user presses the Super Secret Settings button, a shader is applied. However, I wrongly assumed that there was a server-side way of applying them; there isn’t, rendering it useless in plugins.

in other words, never mind.

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