[Solved] Crash random ticking block

Hello! I need a help I don’t understand why my server have random crash u.u
This my crash report :
Time: 07/01/18 14:37Description: Exception while ticking a blockjava.lang. - Pastebin.com
I use Spongeforge-1.12.2-2555-7.1.0-BETA-2825
Thanks for the help ><
Tell le if you need more information!

Would you be able to provide the full crash report? That small section isn’t very helpful.

Yeah of course but now i have 2 crash report :confused:

First :

Second :

Thanks :confused:

The first one was caused by this:

-- Entity being ticked --
    Entity Type: minecraft:falling_block (net.minecraft.entity.item.EntityFallingBlock)
    Entity ID: 1278
    Entity Name: Falling Block
    Entitys Exact location: 555,50, 33,97, 608,50
    Entitys Block location: World: (555,33,608), Chunk: (at 11,2,0 in 34,38; contains blocks 544,0,608 to 559,255,623), Region: (1,1; contains chunks 32,32 to 63,63, blocks 512,0,512 to 1023,255,1023)

So this looks like a falling block has bugged out, if you have world edit, you should be able to delete it remotely.

The 2nd report, I have no idea what is wrong in that one.

Good luck

  • Alice

I think I solve the problem it’s the mod Quark, the server don’t like custom emote with this mod… Maybe… Since I remove this option I haven’t crash anymore ^^
Thanks for the help!

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