[Solved] Crash with sponge modded


i have crash at the beginning and after many search i don’t find the correct answer.

Thank you in advance.

Have you done the foam fix fix?

yes with this:

That crash looks more like mixins issues. Try renaming sponge jar to start with _a

I have the same error after rename and i have spongeBootstrap for the launch.

can this come from JEID and NEID?

i have update all mods and it work but i have another problem for generating the world.

That’s a bad coremod I think. Do a binary search to figure out which mod is causing it. Make a test server with half the mods, run it, see if it crashes, now you know which half of the mods has the bad mod in it. Remove all mods, add half of the faulty half, run it again, now you know which quarter. Remove all mods, add half of the faulty quarter, now you know which eighth. Etc.

Thank you but i have downgrade Sponge forge and it function. Sorry for the late reply.