[SOLVED] Create hidden text?

I am trying to format a few posts that are monstrosities and make people’s eyeballs bleed. Having hidden text would be a solution. I can’t find a way in Discourse to make text hidden with a title that can be revealed by clicking on it. A very old Post could not find a universal solution.

Edit: In the old thread there is a hacky solution for chrome but not for Firefox or IE.

You mean something like [spoiler]?
A temporary solution would be moving it into a codeblock as codeblocks have a max. height and introduce scrolling above that limit.

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That post you linked has a (hacky) solution


EDIT: @simon816 you ninja :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Spoiler tags would be great.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Firefox or IE

@DotDash may know, he’s used them before.

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Maybe ping @lukegb, I’d be stunned if there isn’t some kind of discourse plugin which adds this.

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Its actually the plugin they use to learn people how to install plugins :smile:.

This is what I use for my spoilers:


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Title HereThis is a test to see if the text is hidden. If you cannot see this, success!

@DotDash, The article that you reference I’m assuming you’re talking about the first post using HTML. On Firefox 39 or IE that method doesn’t seem to work as demonstrated above. I could be doing something wrong though…

Not sure (I use Chromium).

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Works for me on chrome.

Just a Test on FF38.x:


Nope, this doesn’t seem to work at all or me… :frowning:
here’s what i tried above:

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Who do we rope into this conversation that has the authority to integrate a plug-in for the forums?

lukegb deals with forum stuff usually. Also try Owexz.

What are your thoughts @lukegb and @Owexz on adding this functionality to the sponge forums?

I’d be happy to see that functionality added, but I’m not sure if @lukegb will be too keen on the extra work. :wink:


I personally think we should force @lukegb to do it as penance for all the soul-destroyingly awful jokes he told at Minecon.


At the detriment of derailing this entire thread if you have a list of those soul-destroyingly awful jokes they should be posted somewhere. A post enshrining all their horribleness to be preached as the ‘don’t do s’ for all Minecon kind.

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