[Solved] Crowdin Translations Suspended

I regret to announce that contributions to the the Crowdin Translations of SpongeDocs have been suspended. We hope to be able to resume service as soon as possible, once we find the root of the issue.

Please bear with us whilst we try to sort it out. We Apologise for the Inconvenience.

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The problem has been temporarily resolved. Here is the feedback I got from CrowdIn, who have been very gracious and sorted it out very quickly.

Even for Open Source projects there is a default strings quota - 5000, usually it’s quite enough. After the recent update, your project contain 5050 strings and project was suspended automatically due to exceeded quota.
Your quota was increased to 6000 strings, so you can continue translations. If you will need to maintain more strings, just let us know and we will gladly help you."

In appreciation of the increased quota, we should help fix this from our end too. We need to look at trimming some of the old strings from the translations, and probably remove some of the abandoned languages too.

Many thanks to the staff at CrowdIn.


I second that. After the grand restructuring™ of the Docs we now have a boatload of redundant files laying around. This might scare new translators and could result in unnecessary work done twice.

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Attempts at cleaning up redundant files are in progress. We may experience intermittent problems as we try to minimise the content. Stay Tuned for more exciting developments :smile:


Looks like everything went fine. Redundant/legacy files are gone for now :smile:

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There is one further update to this topic - Crowdin also had this to say about strings:

Please don’t worry about strings - if necessary, we can provide you 20,000 strings or more.
Have a happy localization. :wink:

So any further trimming need only be to minimise confusion with translations involving redundant pages.

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