[SOLVED] How to disable mob griefing


Hi, I searched all the config files of sponge, worldedit etc but could not find any possibility of disabling mob griefing - more specifically, stopping creepers from blowing craters in my lawn. Ideas, anyone?

Simple anti explosion plugin

Pretty sure this is a vanilla command

/gamerule mobgriefing false


thats what I tried - but didn’t word


This is in fact a vanilla command.
The exact command character for character, caps sensitive, that you want is:

gamerule mobGriefing false

The server gamerule system is a bit interesting in that it has the vanilla gamerules, but if you feed it another one, lets say:

gamerule thisisonlyatest true

Well, you now have a gamerule entry for that. And its case sensitive. So if you do feed it:

gamerule mobgriefing false

You now have two gamerules:

gamerule mobGriefing

Which is the real one that actually disables mob grief, and

gamerule mobgriefing

Which doesn’t do anything at all.


Thanks a lot - it works.

But how am I to know which words in a command are case sensitive? Alternatively, is there a list of vanilla commands I can refer to?


The TAB key is your friend, do /gamerule mob, then press TAB an BAM! it’ll be correct.
Auto-complete works for everything so you can also type this for example:

/give MoeBoy76 1 pixelmon:poke

pressing TAB to complete my name, pixelmon and to see what Pixelmon items/blocks start with ‘poke’


Thanks for that, much appreciated


and for future reference the rule is usually formatted like a variable or method. First word lower case and all future words upercase. So if there was a rule called Tooth Pick Is A Hoe then it would be toothPickIsAHoe. :smile:


OK - Thanks, never stop learning …


Hi, can you plse mark this issue as SOLVED? - Thanks


you can do that


If I knew how to I wouldn’t have asked!


You can edit your own topic title to prefix “[SOLVED]”.


I saw a possibility to add a “solved” by using a button below the most helpful answer too.


Thank you all. Now I am all the wiser … :relaxed:


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Thanks babe now i can stop those blasted creepers from blowing up me nans grave