[Solved]How to wildcard this Config Node

So What i’m trying to do is i have multiple config files…and in this case I want to change the config from config1 to config2


So i need someway to set a variable to the getconfig location…is this possible or no?

We don’t know what the class ConfigurationManager looks like. To get further assistance I recommend you to post this class to github gist.

You could save those configloaders in a list and return one element from that list by index when calling your method. getConfig(int index). That’s a quick solution. I haven’t read the whole file. Maybe there’s in general a better solution to your configs.

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Please let me know! And thank you I’m still quite new at this and appreciate any and all help to better my understanding. :slight_smile:

Could you give me an example…I’m sorry, I’m just getting use to ListArrays in the first place, If you could show me by how you mean that would be the greatest. Like I understand that i would set up the list like

List Configs = new ArrayList();

…but then how would i add those Private ConfigurationLoaders to that Array List?

Edit…wow…nvrmd I think I see what you’re saying…not an Array list but simply using a getMethod with an index to call the different configs…ok that’s pretty simple Thank you