[solved] Interact Block Secondary Permission

Hello i have a problem, i saw the event about interaction with block is not read because i don’t have a permission, but i dont find wich one. I tried an event without be OP, and after and the event is read when i’m OP only.

Can you help me plz? Or how to disable that.

What’s the event, what’s the code, and what’s the permission?

the event is InteractBlockEvent.Secondary
The code is only @Listener public void onRightClickBlockEvent(InteractBlockEvent.Secondary e) { broadcast("Test interact"); }

I don’t know the permission and it’s why i’m asking.
When i’m OP i have the broadcast
When i’m not OP i don’t have broadcast for the same action

Is this perhaps within 16 blocks of server spawn? Try moving farther out.

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Thank you. I forgot that point.

it works now